Jonna Companies is comprised of Jonna Construction Company, L.L.C. (General Contractor/Construction Manager) and Jonna Realty Ventures (Development Management). Our expertise in Development, Construction, Leasing, and Management has earned us an exemplary reputation in the industry since our inception in 1965. Our portfolio consists of predominately Hi-Tech, Office, and Retail projects within the Southeast Michigan area.

Spectrum of Experience
Development & Management 2,000,000 sq.ft. +
Vacant Land Development 1,000 acres +
Construction for Third Parties & Our Own Portfolio 9,200,000 sq.ft. +
Condominium Associations Manager 150 acres +

Cadre of Experience
Frank Jonna C.E.O, Development & Construction 30 years
Christine Jonna Piligian C.F.O, Development & Construction 32 years
Peter Jonna President, Jonna Construction Company 25 years
Christopher Piligian V.P. Development & Management 20 years
Tom Landry C.O.O., Development & Construction 34 years

Divisions of Jonna Companies